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Experience the STRIG mini


Strig, an IASTM tool, uses advanced micro vibration and microcurrent technology, along with its ergonomic blade design, to pinpoint and treat the affected muscle to rapidly increase muscle recovery rates.

Anytime, anywhere professional physical therapy

The ergonomic blade design follows your body’s curves for deep muscle tissue relief



Body care, Become a daily routine with strig

Ultimate muscle relaxation, only achievable with STRIG’s microcurrent technology


⎟ Microcurrent

Microcurrents work to multiply the effects of the microvibrations as the STRIG Mini glides along your body.


⎟ Microvibration

Microvibrations work on your muscles to help you prime you for your next work out session and relax afterwards.


Curvature Design

Strig has three unique blades that can be used to massage practically any muscle group on the body. It’s compact and lightweight design also makes it easy to hold and take on the go.