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Many people suffer from muscle pain and stiffness. The general consensus is that treatment for pain like this is supposed to be done by a physician with a high-grade medical device. However, that is not the case. The average person can provide effective self-treatment for muscle pain by identifying the affected area and using proper techniques. Our device helps guide the user to use simple massage techniques to treat sore muscles.

I have been a practicing physiotherapist for the past ten years and came across many clients suffering from all types of muscle pain. Many of them were unable to receive adequate care for their bodies because they could not take time out of their busy schedules to get proper treatment and so their condition slowly worsened over time. That is why I looked to develop a treatment method that anyone could learn and use on themselves. From this idea, STRIG was born. As I began to sell this product and conduct training sessions, I found out that while professional therapists were able to learn how to use the device very quickly, but non-professionals had a much more difficult time. However, I quickly discovered that with a little bit of instructions, anyone could easily learn how to use this device. By maintaining their bodies at home with this device I hoped that these individuals would reduce medical and social costs.

Our device treats damaged muscles with vibration and microcurrent current stimulation. This product is great for people who suffer from back pain that stems from poor posture as well people who enjoy working out. Existing vibration therapy devices on the market today are expensive, crude, ineffective, and available only for professionals. STRIG is meant to be used by anyone and everyone from the comforts of their own home or anywhere else.